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Lost Ark Summoner Gameplay

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Lost Ark Summoner Gameplay

With the South Korean open beta of Lost Ark well underway, many western fans are feeling a bit blue about their inability to play. We've got you covered, however, with some gameplay footage being pumped out by testers. In today's, YouTube user "Phano" spends over an hour playing the Summoner while showing off the fast-paced action combat that Lost Ark embodies.

Checking in with the Lost Ark Database, we learn about the Summoner:

The summoner is a ranged class that is able to summon various ancient spirits that serve as auxiliary damage dealers or tanks

Due to its low physical strength and defense it is recommended to stay as far away from the enemies as possible. If you master the class, no situation will be a threat for you.

The classes gains energy by consuming minor spirits which allows it to summon major spririts for battle.

The Summoner is new to this round of Lost Ark testing.

We'll keep eyes out for other gameplay videos. Hopefully, Smilegate will announce a western release window soon!


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