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Lost Ark Releases a Teaser of New Abrelshud Raid - Hits Korean Servers July 28th

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Lost Ark Releases a Teaser of New Abrelshud Raid - Hits Korean Servers July 28th

As we all wait patiently for information related to a North American release of Lost Ark, which is slated for sometime in the Fall of 2021, we can still get hyped by watching Smilegate’s latest raid teaser trailer.

The trailer teases the next raid which releases on the Korean servers July 28th 2021. The new raid will pit players against the Abrelshud, the commander of the Dream Corps. Those that have been following the updates on the Korean servers, likely saw this coming, as it was posted in their roadmap. Alongside the Abrelshud raid, players will also get an additional raid the same day, the Guardian Kal Eligos, which is a huge, challenging, white dragon encounter.

Players who take on the Abrelshud raid have only a couple short months to master it, as the hard mode version of the raid is slated for September. We anticipate, around the same time, more information will drop related to a North American release date. So far, players have been able to take part in a technical alpha for the western version of Lost Ark, which ended back in June. We expect more testing to be underway leading up to a final release, but at this time Amazon Game Studios, who is publishing the game in the west, has not provided further details related to a closed beta. Those that are interested in getting into the closed beta, can sign up with their Amazon account on the official tester sign-up page.

Lost Ark originally released in Korea nearly four years ago in 2018, and ARPG fans in the west have prophesized the games’ release from the start. It was finally announced that the game would be headed to North America through a publishing deal with Amazon Game Studios back in June. Currently, AGS has not divulged what we can expect from the North American release, in terms of the update revisions that may launch for the western audience. A request for comment from Amazon noted that they are not quite ready to talk about that yet. To that end, it may be too early to expect to see an Abrelshud raid on the western launch, but the teaser is a good indicator of what’s to come.


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