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Looter Shooter Project Magnum by NAT Games Teases Gameplay in New Trailer

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Looter Shooter Project Magnum by NAT Games Teases Gameplay in New Trailer

Are you ready for a new looter shooter? Nexon and NAT Games hopes that you are, with their new in-development title Project Magnum on the way. Project Magnum will mesh fast-paced third-person combat with an RPG system.

Looter shooters are certainly one of the most popular subgenres in the industry, with games like Destiny 2 and Borderlands championing them throughout the years. Now, a new Sci-Fi game is headed to Asia and eventually, Western markets, with Project Magnum. Similar to this years’ popular but beleaguered titles, Outriders, Project Magnum aims to be focused on dynamic PvE battles, coupled with an RPG system to build you characters along the way.

Project Magnum will be available on both PC and consoles. NAT Games is known for making HIT and OVERHIT, two mobile RPG’s that have since shuttered. They are also known for creating the popular cross platform title V4, which has seen more than 1 million downloads since its initial release back in 2020. They were also responsible for launching Blue Archive, a mobile gacha game, in Japan.

Project Magnum will mark a kind of departure from some of their previous titles. There is still quite a lot to learn about Project Magnum, which was teased during Nexon's Media Showcase. The video primarily depicts a heavy sci-fi focus, coupled with some squad-based gameplay. In several frames characters are shown using glowing grappling lines to swing around the battlefield or attach themselves to an enemy. How these will factor in during regular gameplay is yet to be seen. How Project Magnum will truly set itself apart from other looter shooters that currently dominate the genre, is not entirely clear at this time. What we can say, is that the trailer does make a captivating case that there is some fun to be had in Project Magnum.


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