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Lineage 2 Aden is a Solo-Focused Lineage 2, Releasing August 11

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Lineage 2 Aden is a Solo-Focused Lineage 2, Releasing August 11

Lineage 2 is receiving a new version of the game called Lineage 2 Aden which arrives August 11 in North America. How will Aden differ from the vanilla game? Read on to find out.

Aden is set to include the same core gameplay from Lineage 2, but will focus on solo play more so than the vanilla game. To achieve this, the team tuned all 36 classes to be more viable on their own when you’re out hunting. Additionally, look for six new dungeons at launch.

Aden will also feature a simplified leveling system which should make achieving the max level a bit easier. While Aden will inherit all 36 classes from Lineage 2, it will also introduce two new classes in the agile Sylph Storm Blasters, and fearsome Death Knight. This Death Knight will be based on the DK from the original Lineage. Storm Blasters, meanwhile, can channel spirits into gun attacks as they traverse the battlefield on an elemental hoverboard.

There’s also a pet system where various different pets will feature different skills and abilities. Additionally, they can be evolved to two different power levels. They can also fight with you in combat. You’ll be able to summon six different types of pets, and can equip them with their own gear.

Perhaps the one thing you want to know about is the monetization. It looks like Lineage 2 Aden will be free to play. As the accompanying press release notes,

“Lineage II Aden will be completely free to play. For players who want to progress faster, items, equipment, supplies, and boost items can be purchased with L2 Coin, which can then be traded with other players, or NCoin, which can be acquired through real money transactions. Players can also purchase items through the L2 Coin Shop for Adena. Adena, various rare items and end-game materials can be acquired through gameplay such as hunting, crafting and boss raids.”

You can learn more about Lineage 2 Aden here.


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