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Legends of Aria Leaving Early Access, Launching With Point Release 10 On July 8th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Legends of Aria Leaving Early Access, Launching With Point Release 10 On July 8th

Legends of Aria, the MMORPG from Citadel Studios, will be leaving Early Access on July 8th, as announced on their official blog today. The MMORPG, having recently released a free version as well as made the MMO available on Steam late last year, will transition to a full release alongside its Frozen Tundra update.

Legends of Aria's move to Early Access brings with it a "new method of supporting and developing the game" according to the studio behind the MMORPG. Aria will also still be supported with regular content updates, quality of life improvements and more. 

Leaving Early Access does not mean we are finished with Legends of Aria, but rather that we are transitioning to a new method of supporting and developing the game, one where we can focus on expanding the world and creating dynamic live events that will enhance the ways in which our players experience the world of Celador. We will also continue our commitment to quality of life improvements, regular bug fixes, and feature updates. 

Also coming on July 8th with the move from Early Access is the long teased Point Release 10. Called "The Frozen Tundra," the content release adds a new landmass, the Frozen Tundra. In addition, the content release also brings with it new profressions, traits as well as what the team is dubbing a "Classic Content Revamp," rebalacing Catacombs and Awakenings for smaller groups.


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