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Legends of Aria: Feature Highlight - The Karma System

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Legends of Aria: Feature Highlight - The Karma System

Citadel Studios has released a brand new video to explain one of the big features coming in Legends of Aria. The video provides a brief overview of the Karma System. 

In addition, a blog post has been made to give players a heads up on "how to avoid the gankbox in an open PvP MMORPG".

Chaotic players in Legends of Aria are labelled as such with a permanent alignment, redeemable only by the act of gaining karma. This shifts the emphasis on such players to embrace their choices as a player and embrace riskier gameplay; ultimately turning the Protected lands into a battleground for the chaotic. Chaotic characters are still afforded the amenities of innocent players, we have simply eliminated the possibility for opportunism.

The beauty of this system is that each of three alignments have unique qualities about them that make them more than just a colored name. Choose to be Innocent and enjoy full protection from aggression inside the protected lands, choose to be Chaotic if you wish to engage in player vs player conflict anywhere outside towns, and choose Outcast if you are prepared to surrender many freedoms and be hunted everywhere you go.

Check out the full post on the Legends of Aria site.


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