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Learn About Rise of the Ronin's Combat in New BTS Video 'The Fight'

Casey Bell Posted:
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Learn About Rise of the Ronin's Combat in New BTS Video 'The Fight'

Team Ninja, the developers behind Nioh and Ninja Gaiden, have released the second episode in a behind-the-scenes video series focused on the game development of its forthcoming open-world action RPG, Rise of the Ronin.

Titled “The Fight,” this latest video unsurprisingly puts a focus on the game’s action combat. In the video, game producer and director Fumihiko Yasuda and animation lead Kosuke Wakamatsu offer their insights into the development of the game’s combat. The team began with examining the various ideologies throughout Ronin history, including how (and why) some Ronin fought, and how to best incorporate that into a game that seeks to remain true to the final years of the Edo period in Japan (otherwise known as Bakumatsu).

During the Bakamatsu period, Ronin no longer fought just with katanas or other melee weapons, having to adapt to the introduction of Western firearms by wielding pistols in addition to their more traditional weaponry.

The video also offers some details on the game’s bond system, which allows the player to adventure alongside various NPC characters. We also get a short look at the game’s counter system near the end of the episode.

Rise of the Ronin releases exclusively on the PlayStation 5 on March 22.


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