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League of Legends' Jinx Joins Fortnite As Riot Brings Its Games To Epic Games Store

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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League of Legends' Jinx Joins Fortnite As Riot Brings Its Games To Epic Games Store

Jinx, one of the most iconic champions from Riot's League of Legends, has made their way into Fortnite thanks to a new collaboration with Epic Games. Riot is also celebrating the release of its upcoming animated series Arcane by releasing multiple titles on the Epic Games Store, including the insanely popular League of Legends proper as well as a few others.

The crossover between Fortnite and League marks the first time a LoL champion has found their way into a non-Riot property. Jinx is available in Epic's popular battle royale starting today, celebrating the upcoming animated series, Arcane, where Jinx takes the role of the main character.

Not simply content with bringing Jinx to the same world as Master Chief, Kratos, Iron Man, Ariana Grande, and many, many more, Riot is also releasing some of their games on the Epic Games Store, including Legends of RunterraVALORANT, League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics

League of Legends makes its TV debut this month with Arcane, a new animated series that hits Netflix on Saturday, November 6th. The new series follows "the origins of two iconic League champions, and the power that will tear them apart. " 


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