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Lawsuits and Launch Dates in This Week's Quick 5

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Steven Weber Posted:
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Lawsuits and Launch Dates in This Week's Quick 5

Take a Quick 5 and get caught up with what you may have missed over the past week. Outriders has been delayed, and Path of Exile gets a new expansion.

The new year has just begun, and even though the last few weeks of 2020 are usually slow news-wise, this past week came out swinging with a few choice news stories. Path of Exile’s new expansion is on the way, and will arrive far sooner than many had expected. Outriders, on the other hand, has been delayed, but the reason Square Enix gave may be somewhat surprising in comparison to the usual excuses we saw in 2020.

It also seems like we have a double header, with SoulBound Studios and CD Projekt Red both headed to court to fend off lawsuits. Did we miss any stories that you felt were more important this past week? Let us know in the comments.


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