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Latest New World Forged In Aeternum Talks Sound Designs, From Chatters To Farts

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Latest New World Forged In Aeternum Talks Sound Designs, From Chatters To Farts

The latest New World dev video talks to the sound design team about some of the favorite sounds in the MMORPG. The video goes into some sound philosophy and explores some Easter eggs in the game.

The video, hosted by Audio Director Jean-Edouard Miclot, Sound Designer Kyle Bailey and Senior Sound Designer Michael Finley, talk about some of the distinct sounds in the MMO, including how they conceptualized weapons from the Warhammer to the Rapier. The team also broke down some of their favorite sounds, from the UI pings down to the NPC and enemy background chatter, which Miclot says is created by AI.

The nearly ten-minute-long roundtable dives into the trial and error aspect of creating sounds in New World, stating that they should push boundaries to get the results they want.

"[T]here's definitely part of our process that, you know, we have to fail to succeed," Miclot says in the video.

"If you're not trying to push boundaries and experimenting," Bailey responds, "then you don't get as many of those happy accidents that come up with some of the most iconic things that you hear."

The team also talked about some of the Easter eggs in the MMO, including one where during the Flex emote there is a 1% chance you'll hear your character fart if the camera is just right. Another has the chance of hearing words come through the sound effect - but only if you play the sound back in a spectral analyzer.

You can check out the whole video on YouTube, or in the embed above.


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