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Job #1? Dominate the Opposition & the Land

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Job #1? Dominate the Opposition & the Land

The latest in a series of developer blogs has been published on the Conan Exiles site. Called "Dominate the Exiled Lands", the article puts the word "survival" into blunt context. 

Players will be surviving in two ways, firstly through conquering the land to build havens from the world and to collect the resources to do so. Enclaves become safe bases of operation but must be strategically constructed to ward off invaders and the creatures who inhabit the land.

It is not enough to dominate the land, but players must also go out and take on the other residents of Hyboria -- both humanoid and members of the animal / monster kingdoms. Raids will require the use of an impressive arsenal to be able to make battle adjustments on the fly. Building forward camps to bring supplies and allies up to the battle front will also be integral to success. And let's not forget the religious angle and the need to build an altar to a god that can manifest in avatar form.

Check out the full post on the Conan Exiles site.


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