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It's Official! Wild Terra Launches with this Brand New Trailer

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It's Official! Wild Terra Launches with this Brand New Trailer

Juvty Worlds has announced that the big day has finally arrived with Wild Terra launching out of Early Access. To celebrate the big news, a brand new trailer has been released as well as a hefty discount applied to those who choose to purchase the game.

Wild Terra Online is a hardcore role-playing sandbox game, in a completely player-controlled medieval world. You will not need to complete a chain of tasks and kill a thousand wolves to create equipment. Everything is much more interesting! You will have to understand the actual production stages of manufacturing hardened leather, steel, and other materials. You will have to survive in a forest full of predators, build a shelter and improve your crafts skills, develop a farm, tame animals, and explore new territories and fight for treasures. In Wild Terra, you can become anyone and do whatever you want!

With the release of Wild Terra Online, four new servers are open!

  • Labium - hardcore PvE Europe.
  • Ignos - hardcore PvP Europe.
  • Tepium - casual PvE America.
  • Ventrar - casual PvP America.

You can learn more about Wild Terra on its official site or Steam page.


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