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It Looks Like EVE Online's Triglavian's Are Harvesting Stars


Poorna Shankar Posted:
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It Looks Like EVE Online's Triglavian's Are Harvesting Stars

The latest EVE Online Scope video has brought us news of the fall of Raravoss.

It seems the Triglavians have been continuing their push, with the most intense fighting happening in Raravoss. Heroic resistance was put up, but ultimately failed. Raravoss is now nullsec. Additionally, a large scale stellar harvester seems to have taken seat, harvesting the star. We still don’t know what resources will be harvested.

Trigliavians have also deployed several mining facilities around the system. This harvesting is believed to necessary to complete the second phase of the aforementioned stellar transmuter. This is all part of the ongoing Triglavian Invasion, the final chapter of which was released recently.

Jin’taan recently posted a video walking through the various mechanics of the current invasion, including covering off how the invasion is seeing many Hisec systems turn Lowsec. You can catch his analysis and gameplay here.


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