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Is Play to Earn Real or is it All Just a Big Gimmick? | MMONFT


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Is Play to Earn Real or is it All Just a Big Gimmick? | MMONFT

Love them or hate them Blockchain Games are headed our way, often touting ways for players to earn hordes of cash, with can’t miss opportunities. Coming from a background of MMORPGs, a genre that has seen its fair share of misleading claims and failed kickstarter projects, it’s easy to be skeptical of the Play to Earn claims. Are Play to Earn Games real?

We’ve seen the MMORPG genre change in ways we didn’t think possible over the past 2 decades. From the gradual decline of subscription-only games in favor of Free to Play games, which led to a significant lull in new projects, that gave way to the rise of very real and popular Mobile MMOs, whether we’ve enjoyed these changes or fought against them, one thing I’ve learned is that the genre won’t cease to innovate. Enter the Blockchain revolution. With a series of fantastical Blockchain MMOs on the horizon, claiming that players can earn real money just by playing, it was important that I investigate some of the popular games on the market, and render my own verdict on whether Play to Earn games can actually earn you that mythical income-by-playing that some developers claim, or whether it’s all just one big gimmick.

I am joined by the Game Director of Guild of Guardians, Derek Lau, as we delve into whether the mentality of Play to Earn is a good thing, and why so many Play to Earn Games focus too much on the earn potential and not enough on the play part of the equation. Derek lends his opinion on when we might see Blockchain Games hit the mainstream, and leaves us with a little taste of what Guild of Guardians is all about. In the end, can you earn real money by playing these Play to Earn Blockchain Games? Check out the video, and let us know what you think in the comments.


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