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Is, or Was, the Druid Planned for D3? One Streamer Thinks So

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Is, or Was, the Druid Planned for D3? One Streamer Thinks So

With the more halcyon days of Diablo 3 behind it and with many players believing the game has been put on "maintenance mode" by Blizzard, one intrepid YouTuber has been datamining PTR and various fan theories speculating that the Druid class is, or at least was, planned for D3.

Of course, it's worth noting that this is all rumor, speculation, guessing, and maybe even a sprinkling of a wishlist, but it's pretty interesting when you listen to all of the "evidence" for Druids found by Leviathan D3. 

Here's what Leviathan D3 found on PTR:

  • Sean White, one of the D3 devs, wrote in August 2017 "Disappointing! Nobody has found the PTR secret!" leading players to start looking in earnest 
  • White further wrote "It's still out there with not much time left! With all the cool 2.6.1 changes, Necro is still pretty nice meim. Right? You may recall that the Legendary vendor on PTR in D3 is named Djank Meim leading Leviathan to note he needed to buy a non-necro item from him
  • the Muddied Parchment said that text was obscured by "claw marks". Keep in mind that Druids can transform into beasts
  • Season 12 wings "Fiacla Gear" are Druid themed and named for a lore-based Druid, one of the first generation of Nephalem

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