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Inside Star Citizen: The PTU and You | 3.5 Ep. 9

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Inside Star Citizen: The PTU and You | 3.5 Ep. 9

The latest Inside Star Citizen is out and about this Friday morning. This time, Associate Creative Producer Jared Huckaby introduces several segments, the first of which is about an in-development pistol and an SMG, both of which will arrive in 3.6.

Other topics include:

  • members of the player relations team provide information about the public test universe and its importance
  • a peek at the train system
  • improvements to the damage system
  • updates from the VFX team
  • tinted impact effects that allows particles to inherit the color of the surface they're being shot at
  • decoupled lighting that adds realism 
  • "parasite craft" that bring additional functionality to the ships that carry them

Check it out and leave your thoughts in the comments.


Suzie Ford

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