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Infinite Fleet, Sci-Fi MMO From Pixelmatic, Releases New Counterattack Trailer

Features Music From Grammy Nominee Vince DiCola

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Infinite Fleet, Sci-Fi MMO From Pixelmatic, Releases New Counterattack Trailer

Pixelmatic has released the official game trailer for their upcoming Sci-Fi MMO, Infinite Fleet. The trailer highlights some of the various voice actors which make performances for the game, as well as the score from Grammy Nominee Vince DiCola.

Infinite Fleet is set in the year 2150 and sees the trailer showcase some of the various characters that make up the IF universe. These characters are voiced by veteran voice actors, such as Jonah Scott from Attack on Titan; Nier: Automata's 2B,  Kira Buckland; as well as Dragon Ball Z's Vegeta, Brian Drummond (who also shouts "It's over 9000!" in all its meme glory). The score itself is created by veteran composer Vince DiCola, who previously worked on The Transformers: The Movie and Rocky IV. 

The MMO's trailer itself doesn't show gameplay, instead it's a stylized CG trailer showcasing the different characters, but the press release which accompanied the trailer details that those players looking forward to the MMO can glean a "major gameplay element" from the trailer itself. The ships remind a bit of Robotech, transforming from their spacecraft into giant mecha to face the threats ahead of them.

You can check out the full trailer in the embed above. Infinite Fleet is being created by a team of industry veterans with inspirations coming from EVE Online and even RTS games such as Homeworld. Billing it as an online strategy/MMO game, Infinite Fleet will see players teaming up to defeat an "alien threat." Infinite Fleet is also dipping into the cryptocurrency realm, integrating it into its "in-game peer-to-peer economy." Alpha access was set to start, and while you can currently purchase ships on the Infinite Fleet website, ranging from $25-$40 USD , it's not a guarantee that you'll be given access. Alpha access is seemingly being drawn at random from a pool of all backers, so while a purchase adds you to the pool of potential backers, it's not a clear given path to see the MMO in action early.


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