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Ilysia Shows Off Graphics Overhaul and Comparisons in Latest Teaser

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Ilysia Shows Off Graphics Overhaul and Comparisons in Latest Teaser

VR MMORPGs are still finding their footing in the greater MMORPG market, but Team 21 Studio’s upcoming title Ilysia has made some great strides this year as they work their way towards launch. In the latest trailer, the team walks through their progress of their visual overhaul, as they show the evolution of their game from early Alpha to Beta I.

In late October, Team 21 Studios posted an updated detailing some of the advancements they’ve made to the game so far. One of those improvements just happened to be the graphical overhaul they’ve been working on. The trailer takes players through the town of Weskellet and shows the changes that have come to pass between Alpha 2 and Beta 1. New character models have also been added to the game along with a few redesigns of creatures that you will encounter.

If you’re interested in Ilysia, and wondering what all the game has to offer, you’re also in luck, as the team has updated their Steam page in what they describe as a “Steam Overhaul”. They’ve expanded and fleshed out the feature list substantially, which the team feels will give a much better understand of the unique feature list Team21 has worked hard at building.

Team 21 Studios has been on a roll lately, as they expanded their team in August with 2 more developers and a new community manager as the game enters their Beta 1 phase.  As they put their development through the paces they are urging players to keep a keen eye out for their recruitment into their Beta 1 phase, which currently has no set start date. Ilysia successfully funded their Kickstarter on October 4, 2020, and has since only allowed for a buy-in to testing through the initial Kickstarter or during Alpha 2. The team has not yet stated whether purchase or pre-orders will get players into the Beta tests, as there is currently no active purchases available. Pay close attention to our future Ilysia coverage for more information on Team21’s upcoming MMORPG.


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