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Ilysia: A VR MMORPG Has Successfully Kickstarted and is On Its Way

This MMO's Virtues are Virtual

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Ilysia: A VR MMORPG Has Successfully Kickstarted and is On Its Way

Ilysia is a Fantasy VR MMORPG by Team 21 Studios LLC, that will be made for PCVR, Quest, and Playstation VR. The game is set to hearken back to the “glory days” of MMORPGs.

The Kickstarter campaign has already funded, and has already surpassed its 7th Stretch goal. By reaching the threshold of 100K dollars, they intend to implement a mount breeding system. Many of the pledge tiers revolve around early access and alpha cycles, with most of the monetary tiers falling below the 50-dollar mark.

Team 21 Studios plans to provide a one of a kind VR MMO experience where players will quest together, fight, level-up, and explore a world filled with challenges, dungeons and dangerous monsters. They posted a short blurb about their trailer on their Kickstarter page:

“The philosophy we took with our Kickstarter trailer was that we wanted people to see what has been publicly shown and shared in our Pre-Alpha builds, both to bring the same level of transparency we share with our Discord community here, but also to show we have an actual game in active development we are asking for your help with instead of just an idea or concept.”

A VR MMO sounds like it could be quite thrilling, and it will be interesting to see how far this games stretch goals will reach before the remaining 8 days of the campaign is over.


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