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Hunter's Arena Combines Battle Royale with Action RPG

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Hunter's Arena Combines Battle Royale with Action RPG

Hunter's Arena is an upcoming indie title from Korean developer Matisco. To showcase gameplay from Hunter's Arena, the devs have rolled out a new trailer ahead of the Q3 early access release for PC.

As with most battle royale games, the action takes place on a shrinking battlefield that is populated by up to 50 players as well as a number of "dangerous monsters". The RPG part comes through killing mobs to level up, upgrade skills and acquire loot. Returning to BR mode, players will be working to be the last one standing.

  • 50-player Battle Royale with Action-RPG elements and melee combat
  • A unique progression system: players need to hunt monsters to get loot and level up
  • 10+ characters to choose from, with solo and three-player squad support
  • Hundreds of monsters and over 20 bosses, 20+  in-game dungeons
  • New modes and features to be announced and added
  • Powered by a modified version of Unreal Engine 4 with Nvidia Gameworks and Hairworks support

Check out the Hunter's Arena site to learn more.


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