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Hood: Outlaws & Legends Video Talks Player Feedback, Post Launch Content Including New Map And PVE Mode

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Hood: Outlaws & Legends Video Talks Player Feedback, Post Launch Content Including New Map And PVE Mode

In a new video, Sumo Digital's Andrew Willans thanked fans for their support of their latest PvPvE game, Hood: Outlaws & Legends. Willans detailed how the team was approaching feedback, as well as laid out the plans for a new map and new game mode that would be coming later this year.

The video itself breaks down some of the insights the team is seeing from players, such as win rates of certain characters and more, as well as addresses feedback during Hood's initial launch. One of the major points of contention has to do with character balancing, as well as the winching mechanic. Willans honed in on these, espcially the winching mechanic, telling players that the odds of winning a match are higher when you complete the objectives and play, as opposed to the idea that the opposing team could just let one side do all the work and swoop in to steal victory. 

Willans points out that even when that does happen, the side that did everything might still come away with more gold and experience, though that won't help assuage the feeling of having all that hard work snatched from under your nose in the end. 

The team is also making tweaks based on feedback to assassinations, controller sensitivity, as well as continuing to improve on the matchmaking. A new map is also coming to Hood: Outlaws & Legendscalled Mountain. 

A new PVE gamemode is being worked on for those players who are looking to just heist with friends instead of taking on another team in the process. Willans talks about the team's desire to introduce some new mechanics with this new PVE mode, though not much detail was given as to what those mechanics would be.

We enjoyed Hood for the most part in our review, praising the level and sound design as well as core concept, though our experience was somewhat soured by the lack of real team balancing, poor quality PC port and combat that just didn't feel like it was as good as it should be. 


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