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Hood: Outlaws & Legends Closes Out Class Overview Series With The Mystic

Flail-Wielding Support Melee Fighter

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Hood: Outlaws & Legends Closes Out Class Overview Series With The Mystic

The upcoming PvEvP game from Sumo Digital, Hood: Outlaws & Legends closes out their Outlaw overview, this time with the support class, the Flail-wielding Mystic.

The upcoming melee class acts as a support for the other Outlaws on the team, providing a capable melee fighter for those moments where the action gets tough, but also allows for crowd control and healing, according to game director Andrew Wilans. The trailer breaks down the class coming to the PvEvP game this May, touting it as a fighter who can regen stamina faster than other classes, as well as use the flail at range to devastating effect.

"Trained at a young age to become an Inquisitor, the Mystic decided to rebel against the government’s iron fist. Bringing mystical abilities to the battlefield, The Mystic can inhale some of his incense to reveal nearby enemies for a short period of time, as well as heal himself and nearby allies. Use it to infiltrate interiors where guards could be lurking around every corner, or refresh your allies during a big fight. Meanwhile, his poisonous smoke bombs can bring unfortunate foes to their knees - or be adapted with perks to heal allies in an area-of-effect."

The Mystic is also a capable support class, able to pinpoint the locations of enemies lurking around corners for a short time, as well as provide a healing burst to allies around him to keep them going in a long fight. The Mystic can also throw a smoke bomb filled with poison to both cover the escape of a team as it obscures vision, as well as drain the stamina of those caught in it.

You can check out the full trailer showing off the Mystic in the embed above. In case you missed the other breakdowns of the various outlaws, such as the Ranger or the Brawler, check them out hereHood: Outlaws & Legends will be releasing on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as PC May 7th.


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