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Honkai 3rd Impact Part 2 Releases on February 29

Casey Bell Posted:
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Honkai 3rd Impact Part 2 Releases on February 29

Honkai Impact 3rd, HoYoverse’s ARPG, will see the release of its Part 2 update later this week on February 29. The update will send players on an adventure to Mars with a host of new characters, maps, combat, and monsters.

The update was unveiled in 2023 and would take place seven years after the events of 2019’s Part 1 storyline. Part 2 puts a focus on the protagonist Martian Dreamseeker and new characters Senadina, Helia, and Coralie.

One marquee feature of the update are the changes to the game’s aerial combat. This includes improvements to monster AI to make combat more challenging for players by allowing monsters to expand the repertoire of abilities they use in combat. More characters can fight airborne in Part 2 as well. A new Astral Ring mechanic allows characters to store energy and then expel it using it a number of burst skills.

HoYoverse will mark the release of Part 2 with a slate of new in-game events featuring limited time rewards ranging from Battlesuit supply cards to a stigmata themed after the game’s fifth anniversary. Mac players will also be happy to know that HoYoverse has plans to release Honkai Impact 3rd on MacOS sometime in the “near future.”


Casey Bell