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Heroes of the Storm Profiles New 'Life-Draining Warrior' Mal'Ganis

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Heroes of the Storm Profiles New 'Life-Draining Warrior' Mal'Ganis

The Heroes of the Storm site has been updated with a profile of the next playable character coming to the Nexus. Dreadlord Mal'Ganis is fresh out of the Warcraft universe where he originally was charged with corrupting Arthas Menethil. In HotS, Mal'Ganis will be a Life-Draining Melee Warrior, seemingly more tanky than DPS.

His basic abilities include Fel Claws, Necrotic Embrace and Night Rush. His heroic abilities are Carrion Swarm and Dark Conversion.

At long last, the manipulative dreadlord Mal'Ganis, deceiver of Arthas, is ready to put into motion his plans for the ripe, unsuspecting Nexus. Mal'Ganis is a life draining Warrior that specializes in disrupting his enemies to push an advantage for his team. Tread carefully when trying to outsmart a dreadlord, he'll twist fate at a moment's notice by evaporating into bats, or worse, making your life his own.

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