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Here's Your Exclusive First Look at Swords of Legends Online Dungeon: Raging River Ruins

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Here's Your Exclusive First Look at Swords of Legends Online Dungeon: Raging River Ruins

Swords of Legends Online is fast approaching. Today, we’ve got you covered with an exclusive first look at one of the dungeons coming to the game: Raging River Ruins. Here’s what you need to know about the dungeon before you jump in.

This dungeon is located in the Shinaghuai Grassland zone and is suited for 5 to 10 players. It’s classified as a Regular Dungeon, which is accessible after you’ve achieved the max level. The dungeon itself features multiple bosses. More specifically, you’ll face off against three such bosses. Raging River Ruins is also available in three difficulties should you wish to up the challenge.

The accompanying press release also included a bit of lore for Raging River Ruins:

“Fifty years ago, the Devastator Sect erected a series of altars and temples in Jiangdu. Following the great battle against the schools, the altars were torn down, one after the other, until all trace of them was eliminated. Yet with the appearance of the Plaguebringer, those ruins have been revealed once again – and with them the shadowy evil that grows stronger with every passing day.

Anyone entering the ruins will soon make their acquaintance with the **Spring Plague General**. Created by Nuowu, he is a powerful combatant whose Soulforce is closely bound to the Raging River Ruins themselves. If he comes under threat, the entire temple complex will be his ally.”

Swords of Legends Online recently held an alpha preview under NDA. Fortunately, we were able to check it out and provide our thoughts and feedback here. We also compiled a few reasons why you may or may not want to check it out, depending on your personal preferences when it comes to MMORPGS. Finally, a recent interview revealed more information about leveling, class areas, and endgame.


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