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Here's Your Exclusive First Look at Housing in Swords of Legends Online

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Here's Your Exclusive First Look at Housing in Swords of Legends Online

Housing is a huge part of RP’ing in MMOs. Some of us like to invest heavily in them as an escape, while others like to create cool places to hang out with friends and guildies. Swords of Legends Online have just taken the covers off housing in their game, and we have your exclusive first look.

The Housing system in Swords of Legends Online is meant to enable various features. For example, customization is a huge part of housing. You’ll be able to decorate and manage your house through an extensive system of customization.

Once you hit max level, you’ll notice you have a new quest for your own house. This house is actually on a floating island. Through the quest, you’ll learn how to manage your new place of residence. Once you have your home, there are various activities in which to partake. For example, daily tasks will earn you blueprints, materials, and essences allowing you to craft furniture and decorative items.

Additionally, a workbench, forge, stash, and workshop allow you to further improve your house and expand it. As your house levels up, you’ll continue unlocking new content. You can tend to a garden, add music, create a pond for fishing, and even add a sauna of sorts.

One of the best parts of housing is inviting your friends over. Your friends in Swords of Legends Online can also help build your home. Moreover, there are over 20 floating islands in SOLO. This means you can realistically create a neighborhood of sorts with you and friends.

In case you missed it, SOLO’s beta began just a few days ago. If you’ve had the chance to jump in and check it out, share your thoughts below. Additionally, here’s some information on PvP if PvP is your jam.


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