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Helldivers 2 Will Get Pilotable Mechs Post Launch

Casey Bell Posted:
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Helldivers 2 Will Get Pilotable Mechs Post Launch

Arrowhead Studios’ co-op sci-fi shooter, Helldivers 2, kicked off Sony’s first State of Play of 2024 with a brand new trailer and that trailer had one big surprise at the end of it: the return of pilotable mechs.

The original Helldivers had a pilotable EXO-44 walker exosuit that was a favorite amongst fans and it looks to be returning in Helldivers 2, though with a bit of a caveat. It won’t be available at launch. Instead, mechs will return as a post-launch update with no release date currently available.

Last week, Arrowhead Studios gave players a look at the game’s Galactic War feature, which is a global campaign that all players will participate in as they complete missions in Helldivers 2. The game has a sort of dungeon master that will periodically set modifiers to give players bonuses or handicaps when undertaking missions, including making certain stratagems temporarily available to all players or reducing the number of magazines players bring into a mission by 50% for a time.

Helldivers 2 releases on the PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows platforms on February 8.


Casey Bell