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Haunted House Tour 2017 - SotA Community Project

MMORPG.com Staff Posted:
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Haunted House Tour 2017 - SotA Community Project

Thanks to Shroud of the Avatar community member "Vooch", we have learned about a recent project to bring an interactive Haunted House tour to light. One of the tourists took this great video.

Hello, I'm Vooch and I'm a player in the sandbox MMORPG "Shroud of the Avatar" (SotA). In the game, there's a device called a "Portable Aether Vibration Amplifier" that allows you to connect to any Internet audio streaming server. So, we decorated a Haunted House, wrote an in-game book, and setup an audio server. Then, we created an audio tour story for the Haunted House. The tour is tied to the environment, so after the sun sets, the tour begins. This technique of storytelling is cool because it's player-created audio content being delivered within a MMORPG. For many, it adds a new level of immersiveness they've never experienced until now. 

Thanks much, Vooch, for letting us know!


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