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Happy Halloween from the Ship of Heroes Team

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Happy Halloween from the Ship of Heroes Team

It IS Halloween and no game is immune from a themed event! The Ship of Heroes team wants its fans to know that Halloween has a special spot in the game. To show some of what the devs have planned, a new video has been sent out with a description of what players can look forward to once the game debuts!

Most MMOs have holiday events, and the same will be true for Ship of Heroes. In this video you can see part of what the devs at SoH are planning: Fighting evil pumpkin bombs that are infused with dark magic, and running door to door in the heroic version of Trick or Treat.  Players will earn special rewards during the holiday events, including special items that they can keep and use during the year as consumable one-shot powers.

Four signature heroes race through Apotheosis City, defeating enemies and gathering loot.  In this case the area being shown is decorated for Halloween.  This is the first time that the devs at SoH have shown any nighttime combat footage, and the powers that have been revealed so far look even better at night, especially the lightning blast powerset.

One thing that supporters will notice is that the devs have a real-time FPS meter showing on the screen, in the upper left hand corner.  This video was assembled from the feeds of the four devs, so the numbers vary from each perspective.  FPS is very solid, especially for an MMO.

The video shows that the devs have a sense of humor.  They’ve taken the common theme of disarming explosives and ramped it up as a Halloween activity with giant, evil pumpkins in place of the more standard bombs or gadgets found in other games.

This is a team combat video with four heroes fighting Halloween monsters by going door to door.  We see the appearance of werewolves, skeletons, some futuristic mercenary vampires, and the indigenous Prometheans, who are powered in part by dark magic.  For those wondering about balance, four signature heroes seem to be well-matched against six enemies in this video.

One of the interesting things that followers of the SoH development process can observe is that while this video contains new enemies, new powers, and new effects, the overall focus is on combining those new features with established content.  The city, the heroes, the buildings, and the powersets have mostly been seen and approved by the SoH community already, with the Halloween content adding excitement.


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