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Guild Wars 2 Skyscale Mount Revealed

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Guild Wars 2 Skyscale Mount Revealed

Yesterday we shared a Guild Wars 2 teaser video from ArenaNet that had players talking about the dragon seen cruising through the air. Today we now know that the Skyscale is a new mount coming to the game. According to Eurogamer's exclusive reveal, unlike the currently existing griffon mount, "the dragon is more like a helicopter as it can take off from the ground and go up. It can gain altitude where the griffon can't".

The Skyscale can wall jump and climb. According to Linsey Murdock, "The Skyscale can actually stick to the wall and regain some of his endurance and then jump up and gain some altitude."

As players dismount from the Skyscale, it will breathe out a ring of fire that will damage any nearby enemies.

Look for the Skyscale as part of Living World Season 4 Episode 6: War Eternal.


Suzie Ford

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