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Guild Wars 2 End Of Dragons Expansion Is Coming

ArenaNet has just announced that its MMO, Guild Wars 2, is heading back to Cantha in a brand new expansion.

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Guild Wars 2 End Of Dragons Expansion Is Coming

The third expansion in the eight years of Guild Wars 2, End Of Dragons is set to land in 2021. Taking place in the South of Tyria, it will drag players down to the fan favorite region of Cantha. After years of anticipation, fans of Guild Wars and guild Wars 2 will set out on adventure and find out if The Jade Sea still sits still and unwavering after 200 years of silence. Players ready to jump into the Asura gate to hype can glimpse a teaser trailer for the End of Dragons Expansion above and start to theory-craft right away.

Full Steam Ahead

Alongside th expansion announcement, the rest of Guild Wars 2’s content is coming to Steam. As of November, players can grab all of the existing content, its two expansions Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire, and the entirety of the game’s Living World content – including The Icebrood Saga on the new Guild Wars 2 Steam Store page.

Guild Wars 2 has endured for the better part of a decade because of its innovative gameplay, rich storytelling, and passionate fanbase,” said Chauncey Gammage, Chief Operating Officer, NCSOFT West. “As the game’s incredible fantasy world prepares to grow once again with the End of Dragons expansion, we are excited to bring this universally acclaimed gaming experience to Steam users around the globe.”

While 2021 might be some way away, players can keep themselves entertained by unlocking a whole new Skimmer ability. Allowing players to dive down into the depths, this new ability will unveil the hidden potential of this aquatic creature, giving the depths of Tyria a brand new look. Check out the teaser trailer above and head over to the official Guild Wars 2 website for more details now.


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