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Guild Wars 2 Drops New Trailer For Upcoming Fractal, Sunqua Peak

Coming September 15th

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Guild Wars 2 Drops New Trailer For Upcoming Fractal, Sunqua Peak

ArenaNet is teasing its upcoming Fractal of the Mists, Sunqua Peak, in a new trailer that hit today. the Fractal is coming to Guild Wars 2 on September 15th.

The new Fractal of the Mists, Sunqua Peak, is set in Cantha, the region Guild Wars 2's upcoming expansion is also taking players to next year. The trailer, complete with voice acting, shows off a little bit of what players can expect from the new Fractal.

From the press release:

Gather your allies and embark on an adventure of wondrous discovery... but beware, an unsettling gaze once more falls upon you. A new set of weekly Fractal achievements will set you on your way toward earning new rewards, like the Abyssal Fractal weapon skin set, and a more difficult challenge mode gives the opportunity to set apart the brave and daring.

As mentioned previously, this Fractal takes Guild Wars 2 players to Cantha, and the upcoming expansion aims to do the same. End of Dragons brings players back to Cantha next year, and players will even be able to access the MMO on Steam this November to prep for the journey. Players eager to jump into Cantha sooner can do so when the Fractal of the Mists Sunqua Peak hits Guild Wars 2 next week on September 15th.


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