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GStar 2022: ArcheAge 2 Is Coming To Consoles, Watch An Exclusive Interview With Jake Song

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GStar 2022: ArcheAge 2 Is Coming To Consoles, Watch An Exclusive Interview With Jake Song

GStar 2022 is kicking off in Korea, and Kakao and XLGames have started with a bang, announcing that the upcoming ArcheAge 2 will not only be released on PC but also on consoles. We have an exclusive interview with studio lead Jake Song with the announcement, as well as talking about the MMO and what players can expect.

The upcoming MMORPG by Kakao and XLGames has been in development for a while now, with the two teams reaffirming it was still coming, slated to release sometime in 2024. However, today's announcement also confirms the upcoming MMORPG will also be on consoles, though the team doesn't state whether it'll be just the current-gen Xbox Series S|X and PlayStation 5, or whether we'll see ArcheAge 2 on last gen and Nintendo Switch as well.

In an internal interview (featured in the embed above), executive producer Jake Song promises an MMO with triple-A tier visuals while creating what Song describes as a "non-linear, progression-based seamless open world." The world of ArcheAge has been reimagined, with the sequel using the lore from the first game, but telling what Song describes as more "personal" stories rather than a linear narrative. 

Song also talks about two features seeing some love and improvement in ArcheAge 2, with trade runs being able to be done alone, with a team, or even within a raid. Housing is also getting some enhancements, with Song stating that players can build towns with their friends and guild members to live within.

Check out the interview in the embed above. No hard release date was given, with Kakao and XLGames simply stating that ArcheAge 2 is coming to PC and console "soon." Whenever we see it, which earliest will be 2024, hopefully the visuals and the improved features breath new life into the franchise.


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