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Grand Fantasia - Sprite Sanctuary Update Now Available

Open a Can of Sprite Sanctuary

Steven Weber Posted:
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Grand Fantasia - Sprite Sanctuary Update Now Available

Grand Fantasia has added a new area, Sprite Sanctuary. Gamigo’s MMORPG adds a new dungeon, new treasures, and new bosses to battle.

The trailer shows the colorful anime inspired RPG’s new content, with dangerous butterflies and trees surrounding and attacking the player. New invasions, and challenges await, along with some new friends as well. Along with the dungeon and invasions, 67 trivia quests have also been added with their own rewards.

Grand Fantasia was originally created by Aeria Games and originally released in 2009. In 2016 the merger of Aeria Games and Gamigo completed, and development for Grand Fantasia has been ongoing. You can read a little about where Grand Fantasia came from in our MMO archives, which includes a new server update and new classes and maps that were released right before the merger.


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