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Ghost of Tsushima's Director's Cut Takes Us to Iki Island for a New Story

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Ghost of Tsushima's Director's Cut Takes Us to Iki Island for a New Story

Ghost of Tsushima released last year on PS4 and is back in the Director’s Cut. Alongside this Director’s Cut is a new story expansion taking Jin to Iki Island, new characters, and more.

We actually quite liked Ghost of Tsushima when it released last July. If you missed it, you can catch up on our review here. The game saw a co-op mode as well late last year. This latest Director’s Cut introduces a new story expansion when Jin learns of a Mongol tribe landing on the island of Iki.

This new Mongol tribe is led by a shaman named Ankhsar Khatun. However, to her followers, she’s called “the Eagle.” Naturally, this is going to present you, and Jin, with various challenges and obstacles.

Iki Island is described as a, “wild, lawless land of raiders and criminals, scarred by memories of war.” In short, samurai haven’t been able to tame the island. During your time on the island, you’ll face off against pirates, smugglers, mad monks, and haunted caves. Of course, you’ll be able to learn new techniques as well.

Additionally, the story is one of healing. As Sucker Punk notes in the PlayStation Blog,

“With everything that has happened this past year, it’s no accident we also wanted to tell a story of healing… And we felt this would pose a unique and compelling challenge for Jin. We all suffer wounds, from the humblest farmer to the mightiest jito. Wounds from the past that we carry with us. And the thing about a wound is that you can’t fight it, or stealth your way around it. Ghost weapons and samurai techniques won’t help you. A wound can only be healed.”

Check out the trailer above. The Director’s Cut is available for $69.99 on PS5, and $59.99 on PS4. If you already own Ghost of Tsushima on PS4, you can upgrade to the PS4 Director’s Cut for $19.99


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