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Fractured Online Enters Early Access On September 15th; Server Wipe Coming

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Fractured Online Enters Early Access On September 15th; Server Wipe Coming

Fractured Online is hitting Early Access next month, bringing the upcoming MMO into its next phase of development. Its September 15th launch into Early Access brings with it a server wipe, though, and the devs have also confirmed that there will be another when it officially launches out of Early Access as well.

A new blog post on the Fractured Online website details the move by gamigo and Dynamight Games. To put it simply, the team has made the decision in the hopes of giving players as level a playing field as possible when jumping into Early Access next month.

As such, when the MMO hits Early Access on September 15th, everything is going: characters, items, towns and knowledge points. The team also acknowledges that this won't be the only wipe coming up, as they plan to do so again when Fractured Online launches out of Early Access at some point in the future.

Considering the team has already indicated that the launch is targeting sometime this winter, hopefully players won't be waiting too long to make something more permanent in the MMO. With the Early Access launch, the team at Dynamight are adding new content to go along with it, including Arboreus' first continent, Terra. With this also comes the Wildfolk, a nature-loving race that have an affinity to druid magic. 

You can check out the full post on the Fractured Online website, as well as see some in action in the Early Access trailer above.


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