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Fractured MMO Kickstarter Teaser #2: Syndesia Town Building

MMORPG.com Staff Posted:
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Fractured MMO Kickstarter Teaser #2:  Syndesia Town Building

With Fractured ready to hit KickStarter in the near future, the team behind it has prepared a trio of gameplay teaser videos. Today's is the second of the three and shows off "Syndesia Town Building". Syndesia is the human planet and shows a character building his house in one of the towns.

In the video, you can see the character taking a resting phase in the tavern, then venturing in the nearby forest to chop down some trees. The resulting wood logs, like all heavy resources, can’t be put in the inventory. Instead, they have to be carried by hand (3 at once at most). That’s why building a cart or a wagon beforehand is particularly convenient, unless the gathering location is right next to the construction site!

The building the player is trying to raise is a medium-sized one, with low-level technology, made of wood and stone. The construction is modular, and has to be completed step by step. While blueprints of houses are pre-made as of today, we’ll consider making them more customizable in the future if the community strongly requests so.

Learn more on the Fractured site.


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