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Fortnite Presents: High Stakes Comes with New Getaway LTM

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Fortnite Presents: High Stakes Comes with New Getaway LTM

Fortnite players have a new Limited Time Mode to try out called Getaway. In a sense, it's a capture the flag-type mode. Several supply drops are scattered around the island. Each contains a large jewel. Players have to open a safe, pick it up (along with anything else nearby) and find a van to escape. "The first four teams to make their way to a van with a jewel and escape, win!" Of course, there are always those other pesky players trying to stop that...

Players will also be able to earn cosmetic rewards for stacking up wins in Getaway. These include 5,000 XP, a "suited up" spray, the Cash Flow Contrail and the Crowbar Pickaxe.

You’re gonna need the right gear for a job like this. Throughout the High Stakes event, the Wildcard outfit will be featured in the store periodically. The outfit comes with 4 four swappable cosmetic masks, one for each of your crew and the “Cuff Case” back bling. Complete your getaway gear with the Safecracker glider!

Players will also be able to try out the new Grappler gun that allows players to move around the map more quickly by shooting a hook and rappelling to its location.

Check out the full post on the Fortnite site.


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