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Fortnite Port-a-Fortress & Spiky Stadium Items Arrive in Latest Update

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Fortnite Port-a-Fortress & Spiky Stadium Items Arrive in Latest Update

A new defensive has been thrown into Fortnite thanks to the arrival of the Port-a-Fortress, a new, but rare, item that allows players to hurl it at the ground to "create a massive fortress to defend against and repel enemies". Port-a-Fortress items are considered a Legendary item that can be dropped from vending machines, chests, supply llamas or supply drops. They are feature complete, even with Bouncers that will toss players straight to the top for epic battle.

Those players who enjoy Playground Mode will be interested in the new Spiky Stadium, an item that can be thrown down to create a huge stadium with, as the name implies, spiked walls, bouncers and more to provide 4-players with tons of fun. The Spiky Stadium comes in Red Supply drops. "We love seeing your creativity, so share the way you play using #FortnitePlayground."

Save the World players can continue with the seventh week of the Horde Challenge to bring the Husks under control. They can do so with the new Flintlock set.

Check out the update notes on the Fortnite site.


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