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Fly Through 20 Years of EverQuest

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Fly Through 20 Years of EverQuest

The EverQuest team has put together an epic celebratory video showcasing the game's history. It's not often in gaming that we celebrate longevity, but this weekend, Daybreak Games has done so in style. What are your favorite EQ memories? Let us know!

We have partnered with the upcoming Comic-Con Museum in San Diego to hold an EverQuest fan event and exhibit that will be open for three days in April. We will be creating a fun, interactive exhibit that includes miniature live quests, developer chats, and of course, another chance to get a taste of Brell's Blessed Stout. We are also putting together a collection of all our history to display, and sharing a special look at not just the game's development, but significant events in our history as well. We'll have more news on that coming very soon, but be sure to save the date ahead of time!

In addition, the EverQuest original soundtrack is in the final stages of being distributed to several music streaming sites. This has been a passion project for one of our devoted devs and the audio team and we’re excited to provide a simple way to access our incredible library of game music - we’ll get you details on where to find it as soon as it goes live!

There's a lot more in store to celebrate EverQuest's 20 years, so be sure to head to the official site to check up on all that's going on!


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