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Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live - June 2nd

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live - June 2nd

The latest Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live is in the bag and the 3.5 hour-long replay is now on YouTube as are the notes for those who prefer to read them. During the event, a number of topics were covered that are of interest to those looking ahead to the Shadowbringers expansion. It covers topics including the FATE system readjustments, side quests / role quest system adjustments, new UI features, improvements to the casting interruption system, pet system adjustments, rebalancing of player roles and many others.

We had a long debate regarding the main tank and off tank roles. After considering role effects on party composition, we decided to make all four tank jobs, including gunbreaker, suited for both the main and off tank roles. All tanks will share three basic capabilities: providing a party-wide defensive buff, providing a defensive buff to the main tank when playing as an off tank, and a short defensive buff to themselves. The difference between the tank jobs will be conveyed through their individual playstyles. Tank stances have been changed, and should now be active at all times when playing as a main tank. You will no longer require specific combos to increase enmity, so you can maintain the same skill rotation regardless of whether you are currently main or off tank. Generally, the role of a tank will be to provide defensive buffs to protect party members, as well as using a skill rotation optimal for the battle in order to deal damage.

Check out the video to see the letter in its entirety or head to the Final Fantasy XIV forum to read the details.


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