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Final Fantasy XIV Eorzean Aetherobics Aims To Get Your Stretch On

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Final Fantasy XIV Eorzean Aetherobics Aims To Get Your Stretch On

Final Fantasy XIV wants to get your blood pumping and make sure you stay limber for that next marathon gaming session with its Eorzean Aetherobics. A new video highlights the movements to keep stretched and moving, inspired by the denizens of Eorzea.

The video, which is less than four minutes long, and it aims to give you the movements needed to stretch inbetween raids and duty runs in Final Fantasy XIV. In a post made to the FF14 website, Zhexos from the community team explained exactly why the team built an exercise video for the Warriors of Light to follow.

"You may be wondering, "Why an exercise video!?" With many of us working from home during the last couple of years or simply preferring to stay indoors, we thought it'd be nice to have some simple and easy-to-follow stretches for short breaks during work or prolonged gaming sessions. 

There may be plenty of other exercise videos already out there on the internet, but we felt that some of our Warriors of Light may be more motivated if we used movements and music from FFXIV."

The video was built using movements that are present in Final Fantasy XIV, and Square Enix partnered with Rennaisance Inc, a company in Japan that runs many sports clubs. As the video is only a few minutes long, it shouldn't take too much for many of us to start doing a quick stretch session ahead of a long duty or raid, or even at the end of a long day running around in Eorzea.

Also, I totally expect to see people reenacting this at next weekend's Fan Festival in Las Vegas, and I can't wait to join in myself.


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