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FFXIV's Behemoth Lands, Ready to Do Battle

MMORPG.com Staff Posted:
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 FFXIV's Behemoth Lands, Ready to Do Battle

The PlayStation Blog has been updated with the news that the Behemoth from Final Fantasy XIV has finally landed in Monster Hunter: World. The blog post provides players with some tips and tricks for taking down this massive creature depending on the role they are fulfilling.

Enmity, the wrathful gaze of the Behemoth determines its target, and its relentless attacks will put even the best defenses to the test. Only those prepared to tank these big hits should aim for the Behemoth’s head and draw enmity. I highly recommend weapon types with big shields for this role: Lance, Gunlance and Charge Blade, paired with the armor skills Guard, and Guard Up. Try activating those by wearing Uragaan armor pieces!

Read the full Monster Hunter World post on the PlayStation Blog.


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