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Far Cry 6 Shows Off New Trailer, Season Pass And Gus Fring's Shoes

Gus Fring = Anton Castillo

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Far Cry 6 Shows Off New Trailer, Season Pass And Gus Fring's Shoes

If you were hoping for more information about Far Cry 6, especially how Giancarlo Esposito's role as the Yara dictator Anton Castillo plays into driving the story, today's trailer at E3 2021 is right for you. 

The new trailer shows Giancarlo Esposito (Gus Fring in Breaking Bad, for those not understanding the reference) sowing terror in an incredible speech to a boat full of refugees attempting to flee the fictional island of Yara. The trailer really shows how well Far Cry has always made villains a more focal part of the story and a heavy hitter like Esposito brings so much gravitas to the role. Those shoes definitely reign supreme, though.

Speaking of villains, the season pass for Far Cry 6 will let you step into the role of the series' iconic villains through its history, from Joseph in Far Cry 5 to Pagan from 4. You can check out the season pass trailer in the embed below, as well as the incredibly dark monologuing from Gus Fring in the trailer above. 


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