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Fallout 76: New 'Inventory Update' Brings QoL Features

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Steven Weber Posted:
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Fallout 76: New 'Inventory Update' Brings QoL Features

Bethesda released a new video detailing the next update headed to Fallout 76 January 26th, aptly named the ‘Inventory Update’. The new update will increase the stash box size from 800 to 1200lbs, a feature that players have been requesting since the game released back in November of 2018.

In addition to the highly praised stash space increase, other notable features include three new pip-boy tabs aimed at helping players streamline their search for items, and a quick, maximum stack weight tooltip so that players can quickly and easily determine the total weight of a stack of items.

In an effort to help players determine what kind of items player vendors have available, Bethesda has also included a new vendor display, that breaks down what kind of weapons a player is selling, by the weapon or armor’s legendary star level. While this doesn’t help players in determining exactly what kind of weapon or armor piece is being sold, it at least prevents players from traveling to a vendor that isn’t selling any legendary weapons at all.

Unfortunately, this still doesn’t prevent players from traveling to merchants selling 8 different kinds of 3-Star shovels, but it’s a start.


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