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Exclusive Swords of Legends Online Gameplay Shows Off Questing in Dreamworld

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Exclusive Swords of Legends Online Gameplay Shows Off Questing in Dreamworld

Swords of Legends Online continues to feed more information as we just pass the end date for their second beta.

The video above shows off some questing gameplay called “Enter Dreamworld” and consists of just over seven and a half minutes of footage. You can check out the player character interacting with various NPCs, taking part in combat, and entering the titular Dreamworld. This Dreamworld looks to be a fiery realm with its own unique monsters and enemies to fight.

If you’re totally new to SOLO, you can get an idea for the UI, minimap, conversations with NPCs, and overall combat. The first beta for SOLO ran from May 21 through May 25. The second beta concludes today after having started on June 1.

As we outlined, there were differences between the two betas. Additionally, several dungeons were revealed for Swords of Legends Online in the past few weeks. Moreover, the team published tons of information on various PvP game modes in addition to a bunch of PvP gameplay.

We actually had the chance to jump into Swords of Legends Online during its Alpha phase, and we had plenty of thoughts on the game so far. You can read our alpha impressions here. And our Managing Editor really loves the movement in Swords of Legends Online. You can read about why he undervalued movement until SOLO.


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