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Exclusive: SOLO Reveals Bosses for Xuanjiu Palace Raid

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Exclusive: SOLO Reveals Bosses for Xuanjiu Palace Raid

Get ready for Swords of Legends Online’s first raid, The Xuanjiu Jade Palace, arriving tomorrow. This morning, we have an exclusive for you all about the bosses you’ll meet in the raid. Read on for more details.

You may recall the Xuanjiu Jade Palace raid was first shown off on a live stream last week, in which the team also talked about a new summer event and battle pass. If you missed that initial announcement, check out our coverage here.

If you want take part in the Xuanjiu Jade Palace raid, you’ll need to have upgraded all your equipment to level 60. You’ll be able to dive in each week (resets every Thursday at 6a server time) for gear rated level 75+ for each boss in addition to various collectibles, parchments, gemstones, and more.

Speaking about bosses, the Xuanjiu Jade Palace raid features several. The first bosses are actually a pair called Shi Dao and Vixen Yuzao who bring lethal sword attacks which cause DOT, and Soul Fire burn damage.

Undead Daoist is the next boss who commands the Slave of Fire and Slave of Darkness. Watch out for them as they’ll attempt to knock you off target. You’ll also face off against the Awakener Silver Scorpion Envoy boss who uses dark qi to level a Confusion debuff against you.

Next up is Fei Chi who utilizes several AOE attacks, heavy hammer attacks, and unleashes rage. Keep your distance lest you wipe. Changli is next who possesses pretty powerful melee and ranged attacks. Keep your distance.

Finally, you’ll face off against Dahan. Dahan is the final boss of the Xuanjiu Jade Palace raid. As such, expect a fight including demonic attacks, DOT attacks, and more. Coordination and skill will be key here.

Swords of Legends Online recently announced they sold over 200k units since launch back in the early part of this month. Stay tuned for our review.


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