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Exclusive Character Reveal - Levia + Open Beta Begins

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Exclusive Character Reveal - Levia + Open Beta Begins

With today's start of the open beta for Closers, En Masse Entertainment is ready to reveal new information about one of the game's characters, Levia, a Witch from the Wolf Dogs Special Disposal Unit.

 A dimensional monster who learned to love peace, Levia’s Phase Force is comparable to a human’s. Although she was assigned to work with the Wolf Dogs, Levia dislikes fighting...but feels compelled to follow orders, and do what she can to help humanity.

Levia is a ranged combatant gifted at dealing Psi damage. Though her staff is her primary weapon, she excels at taking out enemies by summoning manifestations of her powerful will. The Levia update kicks off leveling events and costume deals to celebrate the newest Closer, but that’s not all.

 Starting now, Closers is open to the public! If you’ve been waiting to try out this episodic online anime RPG, download the client here and sign up for an account!

If you’re just getting started today, your timing is perfect! We just released our biggest update yet, and it introduces our first new character: Levia, the Witch!

Closers Holiday Happenings

Operation Snow Day lets players craft special Santa-themed costumes. Operation Snow Day is a series of special stages, quests, and craftable items. Playing the stages will get players Holiday Tokens, which they can trade for a bunch of cool in-game cosmetic items. We’re looking forward to seeing you in-game!


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