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EverQuest II's Renewal of Ro Expansion Drops Today, Bringing New Zones To Venerable MMO

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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EverQuest II's Renewal of Ro Expansion Drops Today, Bringing New Zones To Venerable MMO

EverQuest II's latest expansion, Renewal of Ro, launches today, bringing new quests, content and new zones to the old MMORPG.

Renewal of Ro is EverQuest II's 19th expansion and it takes players back to the island of Ro, exploring the southern half of the desert. New zones such as the deep canyons of the Raj'Dur Plateaus and the arid Sandstone Delta are ready for adventurer's to explore as EQ2 takes players back through its history to help the Aerakyn.

"While on a valiant quest to help Aerakyn return to their original thread of reality, you will find yourselves going back to the brutal island of Ro, but this time on the southern half of the flaming desert. Here, with the help of a local tribe of Hizite nomads, you will make your way across the unforgiving Raj’Dur Plateaus, to explore what is left of the Elddar Empire's cursed city, the long Buried Takish'Hiz, before finding yourselves within the renewed Takish Badlands, as you are led into the treacherous Sandstone Delta by the machinations of a notorious foe."

In addition to the new zones, Renewal of Ro has new dungeons and raids to conquer, new ascension levels, tradeskill quests and more. EverQuest II's latest expansion also sees more epic spells added to the mix, new signature quests, housing items, and even a new teleporter design that is exclusive to Renewal of Ro

You can grab the expansion from the official website today, though as with all Daybreak Games that sell expansion packs you'll have your choice of just how many cosmetic goodies you want alongside your copy of the new content. The standard edition will run your about $35, while the tiers scale all the way up to a Family and Friends price of $249.99, which comes with everything the Premium edition has, as well as a tradeable copy of the expansion, level 120 boost, character slot and more.


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