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EverQuest II Gets New Race in Reign of Shadows Expansion

The Shadows are Ready to Reign

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EverQuest II Gets New Race in Reign of Shadows Expansion

EverQuest II’s Reign of Shadows expansion is live, and it comes with a welcome addition of a new playable race, the Vah Shir. The expansion not just introduces a new playable race, but has a ton of new features as well, including 10 new Reign of Shadows prestige abilities, an increased Maximum Guild Level, a new Adventure and more.

If you haven’t been following EverQuest II the Reign of Shadows expansion may be a good time for a refresher course, with a ton of new features added to the game today, December 15th. You can find a short list of the features below, and the full patch notes on the official site.

  • Get distracted by shiny things, knock things off of high places, hate dogs. Play as a Vah Shir!
  • 20 Reign of Shadows Prestige Advancement Points and 10 new Reign of Shadows Prestige Abilities.
  • Maximum Guild Level increased to 350 with an all new content-driven guild leveling mechanism.
  • Discover new Adventure, Tradeskill, and Signature quests as you investigate what secrets lay concealed in the endless gloom.
  • Master all new Solo, Heroic, Challenge Heroic, and Raid content in the perpetual shade of Luclin’s dark side!

As part of the expansion, balancing and UI fixes were also provided. The Vah Shir is the first new playable race for EverQuest 2 in nearly 5 years, and are said to be a loyal and hardworking race that has been exiled on Luclin and see the written word as a source of evil. It will be interesting to see how players fit the Vah Shir in to the rest of the world in EverQuest II.

EverQuest II recently celebrated their 16th anniversary, with their last expansion dropping earlier this year, in September. You’ll definitely want to hop in and check out what you’ve missed if it’s been a while.


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